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The Voters’ Guide to Tax Policy

    The 2016 Presidential candidates’ tax policies and

their impact on you

Only available by contacting the author at info(at)kozlog(dot)com

The book that explains the 2016 Presidential candidates’ tax policies in plain English and what each means to the typical taxpayer. Be an informed voter!

Divorce and Taxes:

After Tax Reform

By Beth Logan, EA

Don’t lose even more money because you don’t understand the tax implications of actions during the divorce process? For those considering a divorce, this book will help you navigate tax and other financial issues. It is an easy to understand book. It ends with a checklist to help you verify that you have covered the issues before finalizing your divorce. There are steps you should take along the way, so don’t wait until the last minute to read it. It covers topics including what records to keep (or make copies before you leave the house), how to file your taxes when separated, how to allocate the children for the best tax advantage, which assets are the most valuable to you after taxes, and more.

It is available as a paperback at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Available on more E-Book platforms including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Tolino, Overdrive, and Bibliotheca.