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Kozlog Consulting provides marketing research, analysis, and guidance to start-ups and technology based firms. Our services include:

Entrepreneurial Guidance

Great ideas are just the beginning. Success involves understanding markets, customers, distribution, competitors, and finance.

Competitor Analysis

Many companies believe they know their competitors, but have they assessed their company in an apples to apples comparison with their competitors to truly understand their advantages and their competitors’ advantages?

Business Plan Development

Our plans combine our market research, our competitor analysis, and our financial aptitude with the client’s passion. By linking data to the strategy and the expected results, our plans allow for risk assessment and flexibility to adapt to market changes.

Intellectual Property Valuation

Technology companies are driven by intellectual property but few understand the financial value in their IP. Kozlog Consulting delivers an analysis of the IP, the market, and the competitors, allowing firms to tap into the potential revenue stream of licensing, buying, and selling IP without affecting their core business.

Market Research

In depth market research requires knowledge of the technology as well as the markets. Our consultants have the technical background to understand the issues of most businesses.

Examples of our work include:

  1. Analyzing sales trends to assess the possible repercussions of releasing a cannibalistic product.

  2. Researching potential markets to prioritize product development in a start-up.

  3. Investigated markets and uncovered an untapped market which the start-up had not previously considered.

  4. Developed a business case for a start-up which is achieving quarter-over-quarter growth.

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